Justin Bieber – I Feel Funny Lyrics

I Feel Funny Lyrics by Justin Bieber is the Brand New English Song. Justin Bieber has sung this New English Song, while I Feel Funny Song Lyrics are written by Justin Bieber, with Music is also Produced by Justin Bieber.

I Feel Funny Lyrics – Justin Bieber

(Oh!, So)
This Sh!t Dicey
(Oh!, So Dicey)
You Entice Me (Yeah!)
What’s Your Sign?
(What’s Your Sign?)

I’m a Pisces
(I’m A Pisces)
Please, Don’t Spite Me
(Please, Don’t spite Me)
Please, No Fighting
(Please, No Fighting, Uhh! )
I Don’t Got Energy
(No, No)

Please, Just Hype Me
(Please, Just Hype Me)
Bills On Bills
(Bills On Bills)
I Want To Make Them
(I Want To Make Them)
All These Hearts
(Hearts, Hearts)

I Used To Break Them
(I Usеd To Break Them)
But I’ve Sеttle Down
(I Settled Down)
Yeah! I Found The Pocket
(I Found A Pocket)
I Hold The Game
(I Hold The Game)
And I Won’t Drop It
(I Won’t)

I Feel Funny
(I Feel Funny)
I Feel Funny
(I Do, I Do)
I Feel Funny
(I Feel Funny)
Laugh It Up, Chuckles
(Laugh It Up, Chuckles)

I Feel Funny
(I Feel Funny)
I Feel Funny
(Oh! I Feel Funny)
I Feel Funny
(Oh! I Feel Funny)
Laugh It Up, Chuckles
(Laugh It Up, Chuckies)

Written by: Justin Bieber

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I Feel Funny Song Info:

Song: I Feel Funny
Singer: Justin Bieber
Lyrics: Justin Bieber
Music: Justin Bieber
Music Label: Justin Bieber
Featuring: Justin Bieber

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